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Love it!

I use this app all the time. It is especially useful to me in converting cms to inches when reading knitting patterns. Also converting temperatures, areas, and many other measurements. What is good too is that so far I don't get interrupted with pop ups with ads.

Wrong time conversion!

The time conversion from micro and nano seconds is wrong! Can't trust this app!

I don't like the new interface

I like the AD even less. Luckily I make it a habit now to ALWAYS pull my old apps out of the trash and put them into a folder just in case an app update stinks like this one. Advertising wastes space and is usually irrelevant, I'd much rather pay for an app than be irritated every time I launch it.


Crash on start after upgrade with iOS 3.1.

Wow! The best!

Wow! Great app! Especially for currency when traveling. Thanks so much!

Major draw back:

This app have a fetal flaw that would render it completely useless, on start of the app it needs a Internet connection to download all units info, without Internet say if u r traveling aboard, u can not use it, no unit would show up after u start the app without Internet connection, bleh

One flaw

Great app. I use it all the time. Very intuitive and user friendly. The best of the free unit conversion app on the app store in my opinion. The only problem is when you open the app for the first time each day, there is a lag which essentially freezes the app for, in most cases, up to 5 seconds. This is the only problem that need to be fixed. Otherwise it is awesome!

UniCon review

App stopped working. Won't load any data. App opens then automatically closes without error warning. Works in airplane mode. Appears that it can't connect to company's server. Before this issue, app was really cool.

Too simple

Very short list of awailable currencies.

Excellent interface; needs custom units

The best unit converter I've used, mostly because of the quick interface. Most apps use Apple's clumsy single-piece-of-information-per-page design, but the author of this app has actually used his/her brain to come up with something better. Kudos. Only request: add the ability to add custom, user-defined units.

Missing units

Where are the kb and mb conversion options???

Great interface

I love the intuitive interface that gets me to the conversion I need quickly. That said - please update and fix any errors.

Needs more work

Free is free, but I'll pass. Un-iPhone like user experience, ugly icon, and worst of all, it hangs the first time you launch it unless you're on a decent network (I assume it's trying to download the currency conversion rates but it shouldn't be unusable during this operation). Look around for other, better free alternatives.

Great app

This free app has all the common conversions that I need. Will definitely recommend it. Only complaint: the app does not store your selections once u close it. This is on my wish list. Hope it's added in the future update.

Great application!

Very NICE! Good user interface.


Pa conversion is wrong. Several misspellings. Seemed rushed. Like that it's free, but free and wrong is worse than nothing

Good app, does what of says

No problems (at least so far).


This APP is great! I can't believe it's free! All the other applications similar to this one are 99 cents or more and this one does the same thing. Thank you to the developers for making this free. Develops are working when they make apps, so it's so surprising to me when people write reviews about how apps should be free. I bet they don't work for free, so why should these developers?

Great application

This is a very well thought out and intuitive conversion utility. The whole family finds this useful [Very helpful at home and work] with the many different conversion categories. Haven't found any errors [If I do I'll notify Julian to update]. Thanks Julian for the great free app!

excellent work, thanks! I do have one request...

I find this easy to use and perfect for casual everyday-type stuff. I would like one additional "feature" (that seems like it would be easy): a button to swap the two units currently displayed. Thanks!


Might be good everyday kinds of things, but not good for anyone doing anything science related.

Great free Application

Good job!

Chinese Yuan

Could you please add Chinese Yuan in the currency please, thanks!

Great app

Out of all the free conv apps, this has the most units. Works great!!!

Thank you

The price is excellent and the work you put into this app is exceptional. If I could make a couple of quick suggestions though... Maybe add in mils( one thousandth of an inch) and also double check the accuracy of the sqft to sqmt to make sure that it is dead on. I'm an electrician and I goto school once a week and use your app every day. There was a discrepancy with one of my problems and the answer your app gave me. Like I said before, this is a great app and I love the simplicity of it. I would be more than happy to pay for extras for this program.......

It just works

And it's free! What more can you ask?


Very nice for the price.

Very nice

Great app. Nice work!

Gr8 but one new suggesiin

Plz Allow fractions using / sign in case u don't know 1/8 = .125

Great Peoduct

And I love the price!!! Has more than enough categories/units to satisfy me for the time being.

Great App!!! But

This is a great application for the iPhone. But it's missing a couple of things. It should support more types of units and it should allow you to add your own. Well, besides that, it's easy to use and simple! Must get!!!

Wonderful, and a clever interface.

Well done! Nicely implemented.

Excellent app

Very easy to use. Download if you need a unit converter.


Best in the store

Great...until I read the disclaimer

This program is really cool. Very easy to understand etc. Buy then in the info page the author admits the program is a 3-day project and warns not to trust it's accuracy??


Great for drug dealers

can't beat the price

great for simple and semicomplex conversions....beats most of the unit converters that you can pay for

Free + Surprisingly Great User Interface!!!

just as said above! just 1 suggestion - for currency ADD A REFRESH BUTTON - so we can actually sync realtime currency valuation with our conversions!!! - besides that brilliant! :)

Free and Accessible Unit Converter

UniCon is the only free unit converter solution for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It performs as expected and works nicely. It's also convenient that currencies are updated daily. Extra stars just for being free.